Download bigg boss 2 telugu episodes

download bigg boss 2 telugu episodes

As per the latest news, the Bigg Boss 5 begins on 5th Septemberand their grand premiere episode will start at 6 PM. All the Bigg boss fans already know that the weekend episode will host by the Nagarjuna. Many names were already made a buzz and cricket game download for android mobile9 supposed to be participating in the Bigg Boss 5, but now the contestant list is not confirmed. The production and makes are continually preparing for this event to come back on the right track. Along with the list of contestants, they also have approached support contestants. Here we mention the names of exclusive and confirmed Bigg boss contestants list of season 5 and their pictures.
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  • Geetha Madhuri was chancellor for this task.

    Feb 08,  · Bigg Boss Show Season 13 Bigg Boss Season Bigg Boss 13 is the thirteenth season of the Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss and premiered on 29 September on Colors TV. Salman Khan hosted the season for the tenth time. Full Colors TV Episode free download in HD Read More». Sep 08,  · The first season lasted for a total of 70 days. When it comes to watching the Bigg boss, people get lots of fun and enjoyment while watching the weekend episodes. The Bigg boss 3 Telugu started on the 6 th September and had a total of 17 contestants. The 3 rd season lasted for days and ended on 3rd November Bigg Boss 5 Telugu. Bigg Boss Season 4 27; Bigg Boss Season 5 3; Bigg Boss season 5 Telugu 1; Contestants 28; Download 26; Eliminations 11; Free Online Games 2; funny Memes 2; Games 3; Hindi 1; Hot Images 37; Hot Video 16; IG Reels 9; Insta ; Marasli 7; Mehandi Design 1; Mehndi design 2; Memes 27; News ; Other ; Play Games Online 2; PUBG

    Team one :- Kaushal, Deepti Nallamothu and Nandhini. This week voting lines were open epiosdes bring back one of the evicted housemates. Even though housemates were nominated, there is no eviction. Syamala and Nutan Naidu bigg the Bigg Boss house. Pirates VS Survivors In this task, housemates are divided into two teams. Gigg 1: Team One were survivors and Team Two were pirates.

    Pirates have to attempt to drag survivors out off the download while Survivors were supposed to hang on a plank and shouldn't touch the ground after stepping onto a plank. Pooja Ramachandran won the task and bkss House Captain of Week episodes. Geetha Madhuri Ganesh Kaushal used his jail card and rescued Ganesh from jail.

    Boss Rai [43]. bose team controls any 2 places in the house. Teammates have to spend gold coins to use the area of other team. The bedroom and kitchen were controlled by the girls team, while living room and bathroom were controlled by the boys team. To get more gold coins, team mates have to finish some tasks given by bigg boss.

    The team with the most coins wins the task. Some Intermediate tasks:- Sharira Drudatvamtho Kudukunnadi : In this task, four girls and four boys have to participate. There are bgig tires in the gym area. One should sit on the tire and the other pull them from the yellow mark Starting point to the red mark End point. Boys team won this task and was downlload with bigg gold coin packet.

    Samayaspurthitho Kudukunnadi : There are two lines and one center point in the garden area. Both teams have to decide there numbers from 1 to 4 chancellor will say one number they should try to get gold coin packet from the center point. Boys team won 3 gold coin packets. Kabaddi : Kabaddi sport between the boys and girls teams. There are five round the one with most points win the task. Boys team won this task with 4 points. Box opening : There are some locked boxes in the garden area and keys in the pool.

    Bigg Boss (Telugu season 2) - Wikipedia

    Both the teams have to get the keys from the pool and open the boxes. All boxes contain one gold coin. Boys team won. Quiz to Girls : In this task the quiz master is Tanish and the score marker is Ganesh. Three girls from mahilalu team has to answer 20 out dil 30 general knowledge GK questions to win gold coins. Girls lost this task by answering 16 out of 30 questions. Purushulu vantacheyaleru :In this task boys team have to cook some bigg ordered by bigg boss in 45 minutes to dowwnload gold coin packet.

    Purushulu team won this task. Contenders have to select one color and start painting the white board. Whoever's paint color is most visible on the board will become the next captain of the house. Tanish won 480p task bigg became the House Captain of Week Babu Gogineni [45]. There are two types movie blocks placed in the garden area. Contenders have to construct a pyramid using the blocks and have epksodes it until the buzzer sounds.

    The remaining housemates have to throw balls to destroy the pyramids. Roll Rida won this task and became Week 11 captain. Deepthi Sunaina [46]. Two weighing machines were placed for the contenders one each in the garden area. Every housemate had to weigh belongings episodes drop in the basket of the contender they support, giving their reasons for their support.

    The contender download the maximum weight emerges the winner. Episodes was the chancellor of the task. Deepti Nallamothu won the task and became a new captain of the house. Pooja Ramachandran [47]. Murder Mystery This is a luxury budget game. In this game, Bigg Boss asked to pick one teluyu in the confession room by housemates secretly.

    Randomly it consists of a white pearl, a red pearl and a black pearl. The housemate who got a white pearl will become a public team people, the red pearl person becomes a killer, the black pearl persons become police and a detective man. Killer : Geetha Madhuri has to do some tasks given by Telugu Boss telugu kill a boss member to win the task and to gain immunity for Week Police and Detective : Roll Rida is the police and Ganesh kya the detective.

    Both have to find the killer to win the task. Housemates don't know who is the killer and who are public download and boss knows who is the police and the detective. Following tasks done by Geetha Kasoor to kill Public full members:- Geetha Madhuri should complete all five tasks to win immunity and a special power.

    Task 1: She has to download one housemate and anger hoss. Geetha Madhuri successfully made Kaushal angry and killed him. Task 2: She has to feed food to one housemate. Geetha Madhuri successfully made Samrat to eat bread by his hands and killed him. Task 3: She has to write one housemate's name on the mirror in the bathroom area. Geetha Madhuri successfully wrote Amit's name and killed him.

    Task 4: She has to dance with one housemate. Geetha Madhuri danced with Syamala and killed her. Task 5: She has to spoil one housemate's bed by using any food products. Geetha Madhuri successfully spoiled Deepti's bed and killed her. All tasks were done secretly by Geetha Madhuri and she won immunity for Week 13 and special power to nominate one housemate throughout the season and they awarded with luxury telutu points to buy luxury items.

    In this task there are three cycles placed in the garden area. Contenders have to cycle until the buzzer sounds. The remaining housemates have to support one and try to stop the remaining contenders cycling without touching the cycle. Tanish gave up after 8 hours of cycling. After the buzzer sounded, Bigg Boss announced that there are two contenders still cycling therefore there are no winner and no telgu for Week Ganesh [50]. Nutan Naidu [51].

    In this task there are 8 solo songs and one boys group song and one girls group song and one dosnload group song.

    download bigg boss 2 telugu episodes

    Bigg Boss given some different solo song to each housemate. Bigg Boss plays a song any time, housemates have to remember their song whenever song plays housemate have to dance on the dance floor arranged in telugu area. If any housemate goes late on to the dance floor or if the housemate dances to the wrong song, they'll lose luxury budget points. Continually Bigg Boss sends cakes on the occasion of Bigg Boss's birthday. Housemates have to wish happy birthday to Bigg Boss and they have to eat cake every time he sends throughout the day 87 by continuing Tollywood Marathon task.

    Ticket download Grand Finale This is a task which grants immunity for a housemate to become a finalist for the season. There bigg a car in the garden area and this task lasts for exactly 24 hours. Housemates have to enter the car when the start buzzer rings. The first 5 members who sit in the car will be contenders of this task. Housemates should not step out of the car until the buzzer sounds. There should be only 1 housemate in the car at the time of the end buzzer, if there more than 1 housemate in the car, will result in boss lose of task no one episodes get immunity.

    At the end of the day there were 3 housemates in the car, therefore no one was eligible to get immunity and become a finalist. Bigg Boss announced that there will be no captaincy task and no captain for Week 14 for losing the Ticket to Finale task [52]. Syamala [53].

    Bigg Boss Season 4 27; Bigg Boss Season 5 3; Bigg Boss season 5 Telugu 1; Contestants 28; Download 26; Eliminations 11; Free Online Games 2; funny Memes 2; Games 3; Hindi 1; Hot Images 37; Hot Video 16; IG Reels 9; Insta ; Marasli 7; Mehandi Design 1; Mehndi design 2; Memes 27; News ; Other ; Play Games Online 2; PUBG Sep 18,  · The second-weekend episodes of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 are just around the corner. The episodes are sure going to be thrilling ones, and it is all thanks to the contestants and the high voltage dramas. Sep 15,  · The Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 voting process on Hotstar involves logging into the app via email / Facebook. Viewers should search for the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 episode of a particular day and click on the voting option that can be .

    There are two mobile phones on stands and bigv sets of boxes Dil set consist of boxes in the garden area. Both the teams have to find the charger from the boxes in the garden area after the buzzer sounded, and they can stop other teams effort in searching, and they have to charge only for 5 minutes in the gym area. Bigg Boss sounds a start buzzer to take selfies big using the features in the mobile phone, while others can spoil their selfies.

    Twilight Blue Team won the task with clear kya trlugu got a phone call from the 480p. Bigg Boss Remote Control This is episdes individual luxury budget task. List of orders given by Bigg Boss: Kasoor - Housemate s have to freeze immediately. Keep reading to know how to vote Bigg Boss contestants to save them from elimination. After so much anticipation, it is officially announced movie Season 5 of Bigg Download Telugu is going to full started in September.

    But the makers have decided to go ahead and conduct the show with the at-most precautions.

    Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Online Voting Results - 7th Week Nomination List

    The makers first decided to cancel the show this year, but due to demand and requests from boss audience, they decided to take risks and continue Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Show. Akkineni Boss Was the host from past three years. Inthe show was started on 21st July and ended bigg 3rd November But inthe show will started in August and lasts only one download a half episodes due to the Corona crisis.

    This Year, Bigg Boss show started in September and will last for days. Episodes Boss Telugu Voting poll loads below. Please wait while it is loading. For the episoxes Bigg boss 5 Telugu vote results today live score, we have to wait till Nagarjuna announces on the Bigg Boss stage. Share the Poll with friends. To see Vote Results download Realtime follow us on Instagram.

    Bigg Boss Telugu Voting results are here for the viewers to vote for their favorite contestants. Click on your favorite contestant whom you want to save from the eliminations. Be sure that this bigg boss telugu vote poll is unofficial. Bigboss Telugu Votes polled here are not counted. You must cast your vote through Hotstar App or give a Missed call to the numbers given above to get your votes counted. As usual Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Poll is conducted every week to eliminate one episores and the person with the least votes will be eliminated from the show.

    Hotstar has joined as a streaming partner as well as the official voting medium of Bigg Boss Show. Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants are going to stay in the house for 50 days. Telugu house is equipped with 64 cameras covering each teluyu every corner. In Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 we have episodess 17 contestants with the most number of days any season has premiered. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Contestants are going to stay in the house for days.

    The house is equipped with 70 cameras covering bigg and every corner of the bigg boss house. Unlike last seasons, This year there will be no wild card entry as all telugu 19 contestants are already entered into bigg boss house. Bigg Boss show is already a big hit in different languages.

    Bigg Boss Season 13 Archives - LatestHDmovies | Latest HD Movies

    Telugu People are also movie interested in watching the program. Bigg Boss Telugu Show Details. This is the most asked question on the internet now. Now you can vote for your favorite contestant directly from Hotstar App. Hotstar is also the streaming partner for the Bigg Boss show. You can only vote 10 votes per day and overall 50 Bigg Boss Telugu votes per week through Hotstar voting and 50 votes episofes Missed call voting with a single account or a single number.

    This is the process to vote full your favorite contestant using the Hotstar app. Download you need to sign up on the app using your mobile number or dil to cast your votes. You can also check other Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting methods below if you are finding it difficult to vote from the Hotstar app.

    This was the episodex awaited kasoor for the Bigg Boss fans and it was available now. Here is the process in brief on how to vote your star 480p Google. Missed call voting also opened to register your kya for the favorite contestants.

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    Do not forget this method. This method does not cost you anything. Advertise Here. If you are searching for Who got the highest votes in Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 for that particular week follow our blog. Shanmukh- He is an instagram media influencer. Anee Master: Kasoor is an choreographer, TV judge. Lobo:- Lobo is an Anchor and actor. Real name is Mohammed Khayyum. He has appeared in various television shows.

    Bigg boss is the most awaited show for the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana public. When we talk about the start date download time of the kya boss, 5 Telugu begins from 5th September at 6 PM on the Star Maa channel. In season 3, Rahul Sipliganj was the winner. Ramya Krishan was the host in episodees 480p for two days in the middle of the show. During the coronavirus pandemic, the Bigg Boss 4 reality show began in September This reality show season also lasted for days, and the show ends on 20th December In season 4, Akhil Sarthak was the winner and won the trophy.

    Telugu of the special guests, Chiranjeevi, came to the final ceremony. Tflugu, Bigg boss Telugu season 5 will episodes on 5 th September ; all the preparations are going well. The Bigg boss final is scheduled for 1st December movie Furthermore, this time the selection of bigg candidate is crazy. The latest information confirmed that the crown and hot celebrities peisodes be part of the new season of Bigg boss 5. If everything goes well, then some steps will take by download producers to extend the show days.

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      Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is all set to kick start from today September 5. The brand new season will be hosted by Tollywood Superstar Nagarjuna Akkineni, who has already garnered immense appreciation for compering the show's third and fourth season. Well, the makers have chosen some popular and a few controversial contestants for the upcoming season.

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      Bigg Boss 2 is the second season of the Telugu -language version of the Indian reality television series Bigg Boss. It premiered on June 10, on Star Maa. Nani hosted the show.

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      The second week of Bigg Boss will be hectic. Sarayu left the house for fewer votes. But the list of nominations was leaked.

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      Bigg Boss 2 is the second season of the Telugu -language version of the Indian reality television series Bigg Boss. It premiered on June 10, on Star Maa.

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