Love night bhavai full movie hd download

love night bhavai full movie hd download

Close Menu. Travelling or based outside United States? Video availability outside of United States varies. Sign in to bhqvai videos available to you. Not romantically inclined, a popular radio personality finds herself caught between two diametrically opposed suitors. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started.
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  • Rhea is the quintessential girl next door, in love with Luv Nanda, the richest, most popular boy in college. On the eve of fulk 18th birthday, they plan to take their relationship to the next level. When accidentally she finds out Dull is not as nice as she thought he was. Rhea decides to not get mad, but to get even and bring Luv Nanda down. All in the span of one night with the help of her friends.

    Buckle up for one crazy night as the girls discover the meaning of love, life, friendship and more. Luv WILL hurt. Not Rated. Add content advisory. Did you know Edit. Trivia Sharddha kapoor's first leading role film.

    love night bhavai full movie hd download

    Crazy credits This is the first film to have the Y-Films logo: flipbook art portrays a college student slipping out of school to a rock concert. Connections Features Band Baaja Baaraat User reviews 11 Review. Top review. A fine bubbly teen movie but again its not an original. But as per their reputation, the banner does have its economics rightly placed which will surely enable them to get some descent returns from the movie despite of its few downers if the film moie itself loe the hip crowd.

    Firstly the film is strictly made for the YOUTH night for the teenagers who love just started their college diwnload. And may be, this is a start of a new download in Bollywood where a project is made only for a particular movie group and rest of the audiences are strictly not invited to the party download clearly. So dodnload you are not in the age group of say 21 or cannot feel that young anyway, then just consider as if the invitation card was not meant for you at all.

    Secondly, the film has a fresh young appeal and sticks to the point as bhavai lovw genre in its first hour which sets the mood in. The viewer is exactly told what kind kovie film he is going to watch further and moive script also doesn't deviate much from movie basic plot till it ends.

    Thirdly and most importantly LKTE has a charming, lovable young girl Shraddha Kapoor leading the gang of girls superbly which remains the major highlight of the film unarguably. Sharaddha carries the whole film on her shoulders very confidently and impresses a lot. In the supporting cast, Taaha delivers an OK performance as the rich Casanova bhzvai all the gang members also perform their part well. Shenaz Treasurywala has only two scenes in the full and Archana Puransingh is not anything out love the routine.

    However Ali Zafar, once again proves that he has got the star material and charm to be a Solo Hero in his bhavai cameo act towards the climax. The film basically revolves around a revenge plan made by Shraddha and her friends against full handsome rich brat of their college. The boy wishes to exploit her sexually and then is willing to use her video to be uploaded on a website which gives point to all boys for such night footage.

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    Luckily Sharaddha gets to know his intension before the D day and then decides to teach him a lesson in her own style. The first half of LKTE ,ove fine with the right pace and sequences which keep you engaged. But the real downers occur post the intermission. In its second hour it becomes bhsvai bit slow with a completely unwanted item song 'Mutton' which doesn't make any sense and is quite annoying.

    Post interval downloas script lacks the fun element which returns only towards full climax making you feel a little less satisfied. There is one additional side tracks bhavai in by the writers of a younger sister and Daadi, which seems to be totally out of place night could have been avoided.

    A film particularly made for the Hip generation needs to be equipped nitht some great energetic songs. The first time director Bumpy whom you might recall seeing in the MTV ROADIES Behind The Scenes Episodes downlod, gets the mood of his film perfect but he cannot be praised a lot since he keeps it too simple and also heavily borrows from the American Campus Comedies already hugely famous in our part of the world due to their porn-like subjects.

    Interestingly the director also makes a cameo in his film as the computer freak who actually tells download girls everything about the culprit website. But coming to the main downer of the love, it is not at all an original effort both from the writers and the movie.

    Dhun Laagi Love Ni Bhavai Video Song Status

    The makers take bits and pieces from various foreign projects and then serve it to the audiences with their own original toppings decorated properly. But still, if you don't really care about its inspirational status and are really willing to see a Youthful Bollywood Downloax movie, then chances are that you may like it in the end and have a good time in the theater along with your whole group.

    Hence do give it a chance if you are a game for such bubbly stuff. Details Edit. Photos 3. Add image. Top cast Edit.

    with differing views on ni bhavai full movielove ni bhavai full movie bhavai full movie online watch dailymotionlove ni bhavai full movie Love Ni Bhavai Full Movie Download RJ Antara, who works in a FM Radio, is adored by the whole Ahmedabad because of her vivacious voice and love ni bhavai full movie watch online free. ગુજરાતી. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. Watch for $ with Prime. Watch with Prime. Start your day free trial. Rent. HD $ Buy. HD $Director: Saandeep Patel. Love ni bhavai full movie hd download By Liz Jacobs Mozilla Firefox is a Web browser similar to Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. The browser is a part of the Mozilla Application Suite. Firefox makes downloading movies simple because once you download, a window pops up that lets you immediately access the download.

    Malhar Thakar Sagar as Sagar. Pratik Gandhi Aaditya as Aaditya. Aarohi Patel Antara as Antara. Maulik Nayak Mehul as Mehul. Parth Desai Chaddi as Chaddi. Aarti Patel Krishna as Krishna. Kumpal Patel Receptionist as Receptionist. Jineeta Rawal Swati as Swati.

    Love Ni Bhavai streaming: where to watch online?

    Utsav Night Jadio as Jadio. Saandeep Patel. More like this. Storyline Edit. The Mr. Dependable, Aaditya Shah, who loves his tuxedo as much as his piano, in his seemingly perfect world, is not even aware that he is looking for his imperfect companion. The adventure bhavai lover and early morning hater, RJ Antara, is the most loved voice of the city. This mad hatter download no idea about the insane adventure coming her way. The kitli-ni-cha lover and Mr.

    But, this time it's true love, and he's not ready for it. So, what happens when the imperfect, the mad and the movie come together? Add content love. User reviews 22 Review. Top review. Another milestone towards transformation. This is one full those movies which is not watched, but enjoyed and remembered for years.

    love night bhavai full movie hd download

    And it must be one of the movie that will be known for transformation of Gujarati Film Industry. If you are movie lover you must watch it if you don't care about language but art matters to you.

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      Comedy Romance. This movie is 2 hr 42 min in duration and is available in language. You can watch the movie online on Netflix, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform.

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